This is a list of analogies or metaphors used at Wikia which might help to explain some of the jargon used here. See also the glossary for a full list of jargon.

Central Wikia 
urban core of the metropolis
Contact us 
a post office or address book
Dead-end street 
any street with only one junction to it; or a segment of a street that dead-ends despite other segments that make it contiguous to other streets
Featured Wikia 
tourist trap of the metropolis
a paper to test writing on
Main page 
city hall
Piped link 
bait for a location of the city
a freeway or through highway to a certain location
Red link 
undeveloped land of the metropolis
a playground or graffiti alley
Talk page 
conference room of an office building
Wikipedia and other wiki projects 
other metropolises in the country