If you would like to create a wiki that is easy to start, easy to maintain, and open to editing by the community, then you should consider using Wikia. You can get started right away by visiting the Create Wiki page.

By creating a wiki on Wikia, you will instantly be part of a large wiki community. Many users edit across more than one wiki, bringing editing expertise to newly created wikis. Community Central provides a place for the communities to help each other with their wikis.

Hosting your wiki on Wikia saves you the hassle of installing and maintaining your own wiki engine. The wiki can be created in seconds, and you don't even need to think about the technical issues involved, such as installation and back ups, or buying servers and domain names. A wiki at Wikia is hosted across a growing network of servers in professional colocation facilities, ensuring your site is always available.

Wikia uses an up to date version of MediaWiki with lots of optional extra features. For example, YouTube can be integrated with the content, users can be notified of changes via email, and much more. We also have excellent spam control and cross-wiki vandal blocking, which leaves users more time to focus on the content instead of dealing with bad edits.