Wikis can be used to write and edit pages on any topic. This page collects some specific ideas — please add yours! For things Wikia can not be used for, see what Wikia is not, and bear in mind that wiki software is not ideal for creating structured databases or forums. For specific reasons to use Wikia for this, see why use Wikia?.

Uses Edit

  1. Creating a knowledge base on a specific topic
  2. Writing documentation or a FAQ
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Collaborative writing
  5. Learning writing through online collaboration
  6. Product reviews and comparisons
  7. Creating specifications and architecture documents for software or other projects
  8. Creating how-tos
  9. Creating promotional material
  10. Developing new languages
  11. Sharing tips and advice
  12. Translating documents together
  13. Coordinate and help fill needs of charities, for donations and services or volunteers (example:
  14. Sharing tips with gaming communities
  15. Discussion of theories
  16. Publishing
  17. Bringing together a community for activism
  18. Consumption guides
  19. Exploring fictional worlds
  20. Fan sites or fan clubs
  21. Developing patterns or best practices
  22. Support groups
  23. Parody
  24. Planning and documenting events, maintaining a calendar of local events, or real-time reports on conferences
  25. Developing software features and other inventions
  26. A meeting place for language communities
  27. Political campaigns
  28. Communication between and within communities
  29. Creating an easily searchable, linkable, and editable website
  30. Community news and group announcements
  31. Information and policies about a project
  32. Easy refactoring of communication on forums and mailing lists
  33. Meeting agendas and notes for organizations
  34. Project collaboration
  35. Enriching existing text documents by editing them collaboratively and adding multimedia
  36. Solidifying an existing community through collaboration and increased connections
  37. Supporting a shared community goal
  38. And even for playing games