User masthead

User masthead, showing user page tab

The user masthead is shown at the top of all user-related pages and is intended to bring all user-related pages together and give users more of an identity.


The masthead shows both the user avatar and links to user-related pages. The links you see depend on what page you are viewing:

Your own user pages
My Home, User, User talk, Blog, Contributions.
Other user pages
User, User talk, Blog, Contributions.
Anonymous user pages
User, User talk, Contributions.


To the left of the links in the masthead, on blog posts and comments (and a few other areas around the wiki) you will see an avatar.

  • Clicking on the masthead avatar will bring you to the main user page for that user.
  • If you are logged in, rolling over the avatar gives you the options of "Leave a new message", "Email user" and, if you are an admin, "Block user".

Avatars have a size of 100x100px when uploaded, and are shown at 50x50px on the masthead (and several different sizes elsewhere). While the wiki can resize and crop images, you may want to do this offline to ensure best quality. The uploader accepts images up to 512kb, in PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP format, and any resolution. Avatars are carried across all Wikia.

To choose your avatar, visit the first ("User profile") tab of Special:Preferences. You can upload your own, or the options give you several default options to choose from. The avatar selection is only saved when you click "Save" on the preferences page.


The user masthead use a few new color classes that you can customize in MediaWiki:Monaco.css; the information can be found on Halp:Customizing Monaco.

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