Adding links to your a page is a helpful way to connect to other wiki pages, expand content and help in navigation through your wiki.

  • To link text you must be in edit mode, and start by highlighting the text you want to link. Then click on the Link button button on the toolbar. A window will pop up, you will have two options for linking, an internal link or an external link.
  • An internal link is a link that is within your wiki.


  • The page name is the name of the page you would like to link to. You do not need to enter the the http, www or full wiki page before the article name. Simply add the article name, which is also the words in the URL after the last /.
  • The link text is the text you would like to have hyper linked (this is generally what you have highlighted).
  • For internal links, the article name and link text are often the same, but this is not a requirement.

  • An external link is a wiki outside of your wiki. This may be to another Wikia wiki, wikipedia or to an external site.
  • The URL is the URL you wish to link to. You must include the full URL.
  • The link text is the text you would like to have linked (this is generally what you have highlighted). You can also choose to create a numbered link if you do not want to use text.
  • Remember to save the page when you are finished. If you get blue text, then your link is live.
  • If you get a red link, this means the page does not exist. You can click on this red link, and create the page if you like. Or, you can edit the link to one that does exist.

  • To unlink text, highlight the linked text, and click on the Un-link text button.

Find out more

Visit Help:Links for a more in-depth guide.

You have now completed the tutorial, and have all the basic knowledge to edit this wiki. For some ideas on where to go next, see page 6 of this tutorial.