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The toolbox is located at the bottom of the sidebar, which is on every page of the wiki. The toolbox will comes with a default settings, which take you to preset Special pages, but can be customized by both admins and users.

  • Admins - Admins have the ability to customize the toolbox for the entire wiki. This is done by editing the MediaWiki:Monaco-toolbox page on your own wiki.
  • Users - Users can customize the toolbox for their own personal preferences by editing the User:<your_user_name_here>/Monaco-toolbox page (Special:Mypage/Monaco-toolbox).

Default list:

* recentchanges-url|recentchanges
* randompage-url|randompage
* helppage|help
* specialpages-url|specialpages
  • The default list uses special URL strings (upload-url, etc) instead of referring directly to the page name or external links desired, which is designed to make translation and localization easier, but can make editing the toolbox menu a little harder.
  • If you wish to edit the URL strings, the actual links are stored in separate MediaWiki messages such as MediaWiki:Upload-url. These special URL strings don't work if you add white space before the pipe (|) character.
  • The list of links is automatically separated into two columns, and they alternate between the left and right columns.
  • You can avoid having a label wrap and consume two lines in this link toolbox if you either choose short labels or organize all shorter labels in the first half of the list and all longer labels in the second half.
  • We automatically add 3 special links to this list for user pages, user talk pages, and user profile pages (this last for wikis that have the social tools added). Those link toolbox labels are: User contributions, E-mail this user, and Block user (Block user will only show up for admins.)

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