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  • It may still be on specific wikis, but may not be widely available.
Please note that blogs is generally used instead!

Profile overview

The profile tools are a suite of new user profile tools available to wikis.

These tools help expand the social aspects of the wiki, allowing more interesting ways of interacting with other users on the wiki. They are recommended for wikis wanting to build up the community side of their site.

A brief historyEdit


The available modules are shown below in bold, with their prerequisites modules on the following lines.

User Profiles
User Levels

Supporting extensionsEdit

These extensions can be placed on your main page or community portal to "surface" social activity on a wiki

Meet the Community
This hook allows you to display avatars of the community. You can specify the number of avatars to show and the number of rows to show them in.
<randomuserswithavatars count="15" row=5></randomuserswithavatars>

Welcome User
For logged in users, this will display any open friend requests, gifts or other social notifications.

Site activity
This is a visual version of recent changes that you can display on your main page. It also includes some of the profile activities that don't currently show up in recent changes.
<siteactivity limit="25"></siteactivity>

See it in actionEdit

You can see the modules in action on:

Profile tools
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