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  • It may still be on specific wikis, but may not be widely available.

A picture game!


Picture game creation tool

The picture game is a type of poll. Visit Special:PictureGameHome to try it out.

Each page has a question and two images. Each image has a caption. Any user can create a "picture game" by uploading and captioning a pair of images and asking a question about them. Click an image to answer the question, and another game will appear.


All usersEdit

Any user can flag a quiz question by hitting the “Report Images” link on the page. Flagging a question puts it in the “Admin Panel” and removes it from circulation until an admin can review the question.

Admins onlyEdit

  • An admin can “Protect Images” a quiz question from being flagged (thereby keeping it in circulation). This is useful when a specific quiz question is being linked to by a third party, because a random passerby can otherwise flag the question, destroying the incoming link.
  • An admin can “Edit” the question.
  • Admins can access the “Admin Panel”. From within the Panel, an Admin can edit, protect, delete, or re-instate the question.