Parent pages are articles written by local communities which help inform parents about age ratings, objectionable content, hidden costs, and more. They're a way to help parents make informed choices about whether a particular wikia offers content that they're comfortable sharing with their kids.

For parents Edit

If you're a parent, you can find a wikia's parent page by simply entering this phrase into a wikia's search bar: Project:ParentPage. If that wikia has a parent page, that'll show up instantly.

Alternately, you can go to our central directory of parent pages, click on the name of the relevant media — like Comics, TV, or Movies — and then look in our alphabetized list for the topic that interest you.

For admins Edit

If you haven't yet created a Parent Page for your wikia, here's how you get started:

Put it on the right page Edit

All parent pages, Wikia-wide, have the same name: Project:ParentPage. This is really important — it helps parents and Wikia staff know where to go to find your parent page. So just start your parent page with the exact name of Project:ParentPage. Note that there is no space between Parent and Page.

For the curious, we placed parent pages in the Project namespace, so it'll sit alongside other essential content like your About page.

Use one of our parent page templates ... Edit

To get started, we recommend you use one of the templates found right here on Community Central. Just copy and paste it onto your own wikia, then use it on your parent page, filling out the fields to the best of your ability. Want to see some examples of these templates in action? Go to the Zedd Wiki, Cocktails Wiki, Ace Combat Wiki, or The Breakfast Club Wiki to get an idea of how to use the templates to convey useful information to parents.

... or don't use one of our templates Edit

If your topic doesn't quite fit one of our templates, you don't have to use the template. We just think they're easy starting points. Or, if you simply want to present your parental information differently than our templates do, that's fine, too!

Here are some examples of wikias that have avoided templates, but have nevertheless created great parent pages: Destinypedia, Munkapedia or Tardis.

Be specific Edit

Regardless of whether you use one of our templates or not, the important thing is to give parents helpful insight, instead of just providing rating or value judgements. Be as specific as you can, giving concrete examples things parents might be concerned about. It's generally better to say, "Use of marijuana is depicted" rather than just "mild drug use".

Take a look at Layton Wiki for some really nice specificity about costs to parents, and GTA Wiki's incredibly detailed look at Grand Theft Auto's long history of parental concerns.