This help page concerns an infrequent problem where overlaps occur in the skin for no apparent reason (most commonly, the sidebar overlaps the article area).

Why does it happen? Edit

It generally due to a missing </div>, table end (|}) or main page column tag in one of several places:

This can occur even without recent edits to any of the above, as other site code changes can show the problem up.

Edits to the skin can also cause similar problems, but are generally less likely.

Troubleshooting it Edit

Edit pagesEdit

If it only occurs on edit pages, check:

You may notice which is it by whether viewing the page normally causes the same problem.


If it only occurs on article pages, check:

  • The article code
  • Any templates included in the article

Main pagesEdit

If it only occurs on main pages, check:

  • The article code - especially main page column tags
  • Any templates included in the article
  • That anything following the main page column tags are preceded by a <br style="clear:both;" />

It may be due to other MediaWiki messages, but those listed above are the most likely candidates. Advanced users may also want to try checking the HTML source code, as the problem may also become apparent there. Probably the easiest browser to do this in is Google Chrome, as it contain a feature called "Inspector"; here, it pairs up the tags for you, allowing you to see incorrectly placed tag with more ease.

How to prevent and fix Edit

Make sure you write accurate code! Always check that you close any tables or divs (and other elements such as main page column tags) that you open.