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Navigation can be difficult within a wiki, when everyone is able to add information on any page. It's always easier to write a page than it is to figure out how to link it to everything else in the wiki!

There are methods of making this easier, which you can apply to your Wikia. As well as the default navigation which is fully customizable, you can create additional navigation for your wiki by using categories and templates.

What are the links in the sidebar?Edit

The navigation you see depends on which skin you are using. The below lists are general guides.


The contents of the "navigation" box can be heavily customized so they vary from wiki to wiki. However, the standard items generally include:


The contents of the "toolbox" are generally invariant.

  • For articles:
    • What links here - shows other articles containing links to the current article
    • Related changes - shows a Recentchanges-style list of changes to all articles linked from the current article
    • New article button
  • General wiki links:

Can I customize the sidebar?Edit

Changes to the sidebar navigation can be made by administrators, who have the permissions to edit the MediaWiki messages which make up the standard page.

For details, see:

What are the links in the user bar?Edit

User links are available at the top of every page, if you are logged in. In Monobook, they are displayed in a strip in the upper right corner. In Monaco they are contained in a drop-down list next to your username.

How do I use categories to improve navigation?Edit

See Help:Category for a complete overview.

Link related pages together by adding category tags, in the form [[Category:Widgets]], to the bottom of the article you wish to categorize. Clicking on the category name at the bottom of the page will take you to a list of all articles which contain the same tag.

How do I use templates to improve navigation?Edit

See Help:Templates for a complete overview.

A template is a page which can be included in multiple other pages. By creating an attractive navigation template and placing it on related pages, you can make it easier for users to find related information.

There is additional help on templates at MetaWikipedia:Help:Template and Wikipedia:Navigational templates. One example can be seen at the bottom of Wikipedia:British English, where the blue box provides a navigation aid to related articles. This bar can be easily put on other pages just by adding {{English dialects}}, because a template exists at Wikipedia:Template:English dialects.

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