Wikia tends to use forums and other communication tools rather than mailing lists. The Central Community Forums can be found at Community Central Forum. Many wikis also have their own forums, which are usually linked from the sidebar. Blogs, user boards, talk pages, IRC, and Skype are also used.

Existing mailing lists are listed on the list info page. As well as many wiki-specific lists, there are some general mailing lists, arranged by language

How do Wikia mailing lists work?Edit

All mailing lists are publicly readable by default but you need to subscribe to be able to post to the lists. Posts from non-subscribers may be delayed or accidentally discarded, as they need to be approved by a list administrator to prevent spam.

Please note: if you post to a list, your post will be publicly and permanently archived by Wikia, and potentially also by third parties. Posts are likely to show up in search engine results pages. Please be sure before you send an email to a mailing list that you are happy for the content to be made public.

Posts can be made in any language. Many language interfaces are supported by the mailing list software.

How do I administrate my mailing list?Edit

Each mailing list has at least one mailing list admin. Any responsible user can volunteer for this task. Their main responsibilities are helping people to subscribe, and approving posts that were held for moderation. These include posts from non-subscribers, posts that were too large, or posts with attachments.

Lists are usually set to reject spam by default. If you change this to allow spam to be held for moderation, note that this should be discarded, not rejected. DO NOT send spammers any messages, like "You need to subscribe" because this will increase the amount of spam you receive.

Other tasks include cross-posting messages that pertain to other lists and gently suggesting that contributors keep on topic and/or avoid flaming each other.

List admins can change specific options on their mailing list. Not all changes are permitted. You should not, for example, mark as public the email addresses of any users who have chosen to remain private.

See Mailing list administration for more details.