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Wikia is a true multi-lingual company and hosts communities in more than 300 languages. Through, volunteers are making all of Wikia's features available in all languages.
Note: This link is outdated. Wikia no longer works with

Looking for help in another language?[]

To check if there is already a local version of Community Central or Wikia Help in your language enter (e.g. for German or for French) into your browser and if one exists you will be taken there. If not, there is a chance that we don't have help resources yet in your language. Feel free to send in any questions to Special:Contact (please be aware if we do not have a staff member who speaks your language, we will do our best to translate and respond in English)

How does translating Wikia work?[]

Note: This entire section is outdated. Wikia no longer works with
Since January 2010 Wikia has been working with the community to provide a convenient translation medium for everyone who likes to help with localization.

Working with provides an easy way for volunteers to add translations. It also means descriptive text can be added to messages to help with translation. provides automatically generated statistics showing the progress per language.

Translations are imported back into Wikia's system about once a week. Messages for extensions in development and urgent fixes can be made by Wikia if they need to go live immediately. All normal translation work should be handled via

Want to help?[]

You can help to make a feature available in your own language. To learn more about helping to translate features visit our {{#NewWindowLink: Wiki}}.

Further Help & Feedback[]

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