This extension is enabled by default on Wikia.

Wikia has created several new features for the edit page: Help Tips, Link Suggest, Widescreen Editing, and most recently a new edit summary bar.

All are active across all Wikia, when using the Monaco skin.

Edit Page Enhancements

Edit Page Enhancements

New edit summary/save barEdit

This new bar is designed to make edit easier and faster. In addition, by making the summary box more prominent, we hope it will be used more. There are two main locations you will notice a difference: the edit page and the preview page.

On an edit page, the edit box is resized to your screen size, with the edit summary bar placed prominently at the end of the screen. To ensure the box does not become too small on shorter screens, the edit box has a minimum height. Scrolling the page acts as normal.

On a preview page, the bar will float at the bottom of your screen. This is so that for very long previews you do not need to scroll to the end of the page to save it. However, if you scroll past the edit box, the bar will lock to the end of the edit box, similar to on an edit page.

Link SuggestEdit

Within the edit box, a link suggestion feature will suggest article names based on what you type. When you start typing a "[[" and then some text, we'll suggest some articles that may be what you're looking for. The suggestions are based on existing article names within your wiki. In addition, if you type "[[File: " and then some text, we'll suggest existing image names from your wiki.

See Help:Link Suggest for more info.

Widescreen EditingEdit

If you look at the top of the edit box, you'll notice two links:

  • One is to show or hide the Help Tips (see below).
  • The other toggles Wide Screen Editing. Let the edit window take over the whole width of the browser window while you're working.

Help TipsEdit

Next to the edit box, you'll see a new box that contains help tips on a variety of simple tasks.

The default help tips are primarily focused towards newer editors who may find the links useful as a handy reference. Click on the section headers and you'll reveal a new section of help text (these are called "accordion menus").


You can turn off Link Suggest, Widescreen Editing and Help Tips in the "editing" tab of your preferences. Widescreen editing and Help Tips can also be switched on and off from the edit page.