My Home and the user masthead use a few new color classes that can be adjusted to fit your wiki's style. To adjust this, you add the following text to the MediaWiki:Monaco.css page (as with other skin customizations)

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Individual CustomizationEdit

  • Accent defines the background color in the user masthead. (see #1 in the black circle)
    • If .accent conflicts with something in your wiki's templates/other stylings, you can adjust this to be #user_masthead.accent
.accent {
background-color: White;
  • User_masthead h2 defines the text color of the Username in the masthead. (See the #2 purple item)
#user_masthead h2 {
color: black;
  • Next to the Username, is an editcount and a date, item #3. No extra styling is available for this, as it will use the color from the h2 above.
  • dark_text_1 defines the color on the text that appears on top of the accent color. This is mainly used for the edit count on the top right of the user masthead (item #6)
.dark_text_1 {
color: Firebrick;

Group CustomizationEdit

  • The default color of the tabs that are not currently selected is defined by color1.
  • You can edit the background and link colors of both the selected and non-selected tabs.
  • The inactive tabs are indicated by #4.
    • #user_masthead_tabs li : inactive tab background color
    • #user_masthead_tabs li a: inactive tab link color
  • The active tab is indicated by #5.
    • #user_masthead_tabs li.selected: selected tab background color
    • #user_masthead_tabs li.selected a: selected tab link color
#user_masthead_tabs li {
background-color: #00689A;

#user_masthead_tabs li a {
color: #ffffff;

#user_masthead_tabs li.selected {
background-color: #70B8FF

#user_masthead_tabs li.selected a {
color: #ffffff

User masthead customized tab css example

What the above CSS sample will create

Removing tabsEdit

Add the following to MediaWiki:Monaco.css

Remove the "blog" tab on editor's user pages:

#user_masthead_tab_userblog { display:none; }

Remove the "Myhome" tab on editor's user pages:

#user_masthead_tab_myhome { display:none; }

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