This page is for buttons and banners that you can use on other sites to show that you use Wikia. You are welcome to add new buttons, banners and userboxes here. Please be sure that you are careful about copyright and that you are following the rules and guidelines of the site where you add the banners.

Wikipedia userboxesEdit

Although not everyone does so, it's recommended that you use "subst:" on Wikipedia user boxes. This copies the code to your user page rather than calling the box from the template page.

Wikipedia userboxes must have free images, fair use is not allowed. This is something to remember when thinking about whether to use a logo as the image for a user box. In most cases this isn't possible and you may need to use something more original.

{{User Wikia}}
Yellow wikia logo
This user contributes to the Central Wikia.
To change the target of the link, you can use {{User Wikia|wikialink=<url name>|wikia=<text name>}}. For example, to link to the Calvin and Hobbes Wikia you would use {{User Wikia|wikialink=candh|wikia=Calvin and Hobbes}}
{{User Wookieepedia}}
This user has a page on Wookieepedia.
This box uses the Wookieepedia logo, but this is licenced under the GFDL, and so acceptable. If used on your Wikipedia user page, it will automatically link to your user page on Wookieepedia.


You can use these banners to promote Wikia, or as a banner to show you are a Wikia contributor. Please note that as these banners include the Wikia logo, they are copyright Wikia, Inc. and are not GFDL.

If you would like a similar banner that lists your community, then please ask sannse.

New BannersEdit

From wikia:Forum:New banner campaign

Wikia new banner 01 URL:
Wikia new banner 02 URL:
Wikia banner URL:
Wikia banner 2 URL:
Wikia new banner 03 URL:
Wikia new banner 06 URL:
Wikia new banner 07 URL:
Wikia new banner 04 URL:
Wikia new banner 05 URL:
Wikia new banner 08 URL:
Wikia new banner 09 URL:
Wikia new banner 10 URL:
Wikia banner 3 URL:
Wikia popup URL:
Wikia banner 4 URL:
Wikia-blue-1 URL:
Wikia-blue-2 URL:
Wikia-black-1 URL:
Wikia-black-2 URL:
Inside-wikia URL:
Wikia banner 5 URL:

Old BannersEdit

WikiaBanner 1 URL:
WikiaBanner 2 URL:
WikiaBanner 3 URL:
WikiaBanner 4 URL:
WikiaBanner 5 URL:
WikiaBanner 6 URL:
WikiaBanner 7 URL:
WikiaBanner 8 URL:
WikiaBanner 9 URL:

See Gaiapedia:Promote for some example banners from the Gaia wiki.


This small button can be used on a blog, forum, or anywhere else you want to promote Wikia.

Wikia button URL:

bb codeEdit

Some forums allow you to add links and images to your signature. You can usually set this up in the forum preferences. Different forums have different policies on this, so check first.

An example of the code you might use is : [IMG]<full wikia URL>[/IMG]

LiveJournal and other websitesEdit

You can add a Wikia banner to many websites using the code:

<a href=""><img src="full image url" border="0" alt=""></a>