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  • It may still be on specific wikis, but may not be widely available.
For the more the more widespread new blog feature, see Help:Blog article.

Blogs as seen on Halopedia


A blog article as seen on Halopedia

Blogs are, well, blogs. More accurately, its the community blog - check out Special:ArticlesHome.

Blog pages are wiki pages like any other, except that they are framed so that they have only one author. Edits are typically of the non-substantive variety - that is, edits for formatting, grammar, layout, wikification are accepted, but changes to the authors tone or thesis are discouraged.

Blog designEdit

Blogs use a custom skin specific to the Blog: namespace. Moving a page into the Blog: namespace will result in that page receiving that skin.

Skin nuances:

  • The page has an author attributed to it. The author can be added/edited by adding the page to [[Category:Blog by User ''Username'']]
    • The author’s name appears on a by-line and in the “About the Author” box. The author’s “About Me” section from his or her Social Profile is also in that box.
  • The page’s creation and last edited date appear under the by-line
  • Other contributors (that is, others who edited the page) appear in the “About the Author” box.
  • Users other than the author who voted for the article also appear in the “About the Author” box

Blog articles make it to the top of the blog homepage - Special:ArticlesHome - when they receive a certain number of votes and/or unique commentors commenting.


Each blog article has comments at the end of it. See Help:Embeddable Comments.