Automatic edit summaries are created by the MediaWiki software for certain actions. These summaries appear in recent changes, page histories, and contributions lists, unless you provide your own edit summary.

Auto edit summaries exist for five different actions, if the user fails to provide an edit summary:

  • Blanking a page
  • Replacing most of a page with other text
  • Creating a new page (the first 200 characters of the article appear in the summary)
  • Creating a redirect
  • Reverting a revision

Also, when you use section editing, the section title will appear in the edit summary box in light grey text between comment tags, and used as your summary unless you alter or replace it.

How do I customize/disable automatic edit summaries?Edit

You can customize or disable auto edit summaries on your wiki by creating/editing the following messages:

Action of the user Page Example
Blanked entire page MediaWiki:Autosumm-blank Removing all content from page
Replaced entire page with new text MediaWiki:Autosumm-replace Replaced content with "The cat sat on the mat"
Created a new page MediaWiki:Autosumm-new Created page with "The cat sat on the mat"
Created a redirect MediaWiki:Autoredircomment Redirected page to Help:Contents
Reverted a past revision MediaWiki:Undo-summary Undo revision 6646 by Username (talk)