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  • This page describes a tool that is no longer actively used or supported on Wikia. If you have any questions about it, please contact Wikia staff
Note: this test feature is no longer available. FANDOM will be analysing how well it performed and considering whether to bring it back in some form in the future.
File:Appreciation prototype.png

The appreciation feature makes it easy to let other editors know that you liked their work without having to create new message wall or talk page discussions about it.

How does it work? Edit

File:Appreciation button.png

When viewing a diff page or a history page, you can click 'nice work' button. This will send the user an on-site notification to let them know their edit has been appreciated!

The notification will tell them which edit was liked, and who appreciated it. If a user receives multiple appreciations they will be merged and displayed on a single, expandable notification. Notifications can be dismissed via the 'x' at the top right corner, or by visiting another page (they will only be displayed once).

Appreciation status is not currently displayed anywhere else on the site. After the notification is dismissed, the information is not available anywhere else at this time.

Feedback Edit

If you like the feature or have feedback to provide, we encourage you to write to Special:Contact/general.

Further help and feedback Edit