This extension is not normally active, but may be available on request.

The AbuseFilter is a tool that allows certain users to create filters that can prevent or highlight potentially bad edits. For example, if a new user blanks a page, you can either prevent them doing that, or warn them against it without disallowing it, or you can just tag it so that people can easily see page blankings in recent changes and in the abuse log. You can also get specific to stop certain forms of vandalism.

Care should be taken by admins when adding filters and they should be tested first to ensure they are not too slow and not preventing non-bad edits.

Anyone can view the log on wikis where it is enabled at Special:AbuseLog.

Note: True "page blanking" rules won't work for most users, because of category select "hiding" the categories, so only people who turned off category select can actually blank a page.

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